About our Company

We are a local Vancouver based business that has created a revolutionary protein bar - which is caffeinated to give you the energy to excel through your day! 
We always felt we did not have enough energy to tackle our to-do list and thats where our protein bars came in. When we created them, it was important to us to cater this as a perfect lifestyle bar for the busy consumer - whether it is to jumpstart your morning, power through that afternoon meeting, rock your workout, or keep up with the kids.

About our Founder

We may still be in our humble beginnings, but believe it or not, they start even humbler. Jolt actually started in our founder’s kitchen before it became a business - Safia has been a certified fitness instructor for about 10 years and started experimenting with protein bar recipes as she couldn't find a bar she loved. Eventually she found herself working long hours in a fast-paced corporate job - which is where the idea of a caffeinated bar came to mind. The recipe has gone through hundreds of iterations over the years before being launched to you!

Not all heroes wear capes, but our Jolt bars do!