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"I tried Jolt protein bars in the flavour Hazelnut Truffle. The protein bars were delicious, and the perfect balance between being nutty and chocolate-y. I am caffeine sensitive, but these bars didn't make me jittery; they gave me the energy boost that I needed to get through the day. I would definitely recommend buying some protein bars from Jolt performance, and I think they would also make a great gift for the athlete or health-conscious person in your life!"

Isabel B.

"I don't normally write reviews; however, had to for Jolt, as it was easily the best protein bar I have ever had.

I have tried many other protein bars, most of which had a chalky texture and tasted artificial. JOLT on the other hand, is soft and tastes very natural.

I always keep a box of Jolt handy as I often workout with friends and family. Everyone I've given the bars to has loved them!"

Chad F.

"Great pre-workout snack and tastes great! Hazelnut Truffle is my favourite flavour. Would recommend for anyone looking for a healthy and unique way to add more protein to their diet."

Judy L.

"These protein bars have been the perfect boost of energy especially as I hit my afternoon slumps! I don't usually drink coffee and really love that they are caffeinated with green tea. Highly recommend!"

Manisha N.

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